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This Policy explains how we, intheteam use cookies and similar technologies whenever you use our website

We are committed to protecting the personal information collected when you use our websites.

Cookies in use

Any personal information we collect using cookies which are not strictly necessary for the operation of this website, requires your consent. 

Currently, this website only uses strictly necessary cookies and does not use any other first or third party cookies to collect information about your use of our site.  This means that we can legally store the strictly necessary cookies for the operation of the website, without consent.

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What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers that may be stored on your browser or the hard drive of your computer.

First and third-party cookies

Whether a cookie is 'first' or 'third' party refers to the domain placing the cookie. First-party cookies are those set by a website that is being visited by the user at the time

Third-party cookies are cookies that are set by a domain other than that of the website being visited by a user (e.g. cookies placed by or google analytics). If a user visits a website and another entity sets a cookie through that website, this would be a third-party cookie.

Revised: December 2019